4 different types of wooden signs: How to make them

Wooden signs can never grow old. They are beautiful to look at and more attractive than their counterpart metal signs. Different types of wooden signs have their particular uses. Although most of them bring out an expensive feel and rustic effect, some types of wooden signs are required to be protected or coated to preserve its looks from the cruelty of weather conditions. This article will show you what are the different wooden signs, their purpose and the ways to make them.

House signs This type of wooden sign is primarily used as home decors. Usually, house signs are done in decorative ways because their sole purpose is to adorn and brighten up a home. Wood sources for wooden house signs abound. For one, you can always find a driftwood nearby. Choose the part of the driftwood where you can cut it either horizontally or vertically and gives you a wider and smoother product where you can paint writings on it. The good part of wooden house signs is that the more unique the shape of a wood the more they become attractive and special. And the more you can achieve the rustic feel of your house sign. Old pallets and scrap woods will also be good for house signs. The trick of making house signs attractive only lie on the painting, color combinations and on the lettering e.g. font type and font size. Usually, a decorative font, like brushstrokes, are used in house signs. Any kinds of paints will suffice in its painting process. House signs do not require special paints because they are not constantly exposed to a variety of environment. Paint colors depend on the house owner’s taste, though. House signs, which are usually found indoors, do not necessarily need to be coated with more expensive finishing. A simple varnish can finish the look.

Street signs Wooden street signs are usually found in an exclusive village or tourism hot spots. Why? Because they are attractive and add beauty to a place, which what tourism hot spots are about. This type of wooden sign usually requires specific shape and sizes. Street signs are made in a rectangular shape but their sizes depend on the requirement of a specific place. However, street signs in a particular place should have a uniform size. For example, if a street sign on Diamond Street in Forbes Park Village measures 2 feet in length by 6 inches in width, Golden Street also in Forbes Park Village should also measure the same. Street signs should be large in size so that people can easily view or read them from afar. Wood requirement for this type of wooden sign demands woods that are hard and long-lasting, like oak and pine trees. This is so because street signs are constantly exposed to harsh weather outdoor. Paints used in this type of wooden sign should also be long-lasting, like oil-based paints. Most often than not street signs are not coated with decorative coatings at all. Street signs
should be more natural looking so coatings are not necessary. However, when you make wooden street signs it should be established that you finish the sign with a protective coating which is long-lasting like polyurethane. This will prevent the paints in the sign to crack or peel off easily. Protective coating and decorative coating are not the same.

Nameplate wood signs This type of wood signs are usually found indoors and some are attached to the doors of people who have certain professions, like lawyers, accountants, and doctors. Same with wooden street signs, nameplates have a specific shape: rectangular. But this type of wooden sign has a smaller size than the latter. It is so because the objective of the nameplates is just to identify who is who inside the office or a building. People inside the building are not reading the nameplates of certain individuals from afar; just about a few inches away. Unlike in street signs. Nameplate wood signs usually are more formal. The types of a font used are simpler to elicit an impression of formality, prestige, and respectability. Usually, nameplate wood signs do not have artistically painted backgrounds. Just simple and natural coatings will do as well. It does not require special or hardwood since they are found indoors. Even old pallets or fences or scrap woods can be used in making nameplate wood signs. However, in lettering nameplates, the more impressive process is by the use of engraving. Engraving nameplates requires special skills to achieve a smooth and perfect look of your name and profession. But if engraving is hard for you, painted lettering will do. Usually, there is only one color used in lettering wood nameplates and that is black. However, it does not mean you cannot use other colors. For as long as the color you use is reader friendly and genteel, then it is fine. Finishing the nameplate wood sign with ordinary varnish will give your nameplate a lustrous effect. No need for protective coatings for nameplates though as they are usually found inside your office, on your table with the same environment everyday.

Commercial wood signs Commercial wood signs can be found almost everywhere where people activities abound. In the cities, markets, resorts and specialty stores, this type of wood sign is always present. The font types used in here are usually decorative, too, to attract and draw attention from their prospective customers. Paint colors are also dependent on the owners of the commercial establishments. Woods used typically are hardwoods because they are outdoor signs. Normally, the lettering is done through painting. However, the use of coatings in this type of wood sign depends solely on the theme of the store or resort where this wood sign is used. Say for example, in Texas, where the usual theme of their beer gardens is Wild West, coatings are unpopular. The trick usually lies in the letter painting and the background. Moreover, it is different at formal restaurants and stores. Varnishing of wood signs is a must to make them lustrous and more attractive, which is primarily the aim of every establishment.
But, since this type of wood signs are located outside, protective coatings are also required to make the paintings and the wood last long. Below are the different kinds of commercial wood signs you can encounter at any commercial establishments.

 Hanging commercial wood sign - This is usually found in resorts, themed restaurants and beer gardens. This kind of commercial wood signs should have large measurements. The ideal measurement is between 4 feet by 3 feet and 6 feet by 4.5 feet. But it still depends on how large your store or commercial establishment is. As its name suggests, this wood sign hangs at the entry point of a commercial area. In resorts, this can be located at the gates.

 Post commercial wood signs - This is usually can be found on commercial farms or agri-tourism establishments. Although it does not mean that only these kinds of commercial establishments can employ this kind of wood signs. In fact, it gives more extraordinary effect to a store or resort when employing post commercial wood signs. Usually, the size for wood to be used in this kind of wood sign is smaller and can be shaped in various ways, depending on the business owner's want. They are typically found at the side of the gateways of a resort or commercial farms.

Types of post signs include:

- Single post wood signs - As its name suggests, this type of post commercial wood sign uses only one post to be able to stand the sign. The length of the post varies, depending on the length of the gate where it will be planted. The ideal length of the post should be equal to the length of the gate or the entry way of a resort or commercial farm.

- Double post wood signs - This means literally employing 2 posts to make the sign stand. This type of wood sign is usually found in stand- alone restaurants, not inside malls. It can also be found the same as single post wood signs, in resorts and agri-tourism hot spots or farms. Usually, the wood size or sizes vary. You can employ three wood signs in one double post wood sign. It will include the main part, where the name of the farm or restaurant is written. The lower parts are where your restaurant’s specialties or the farm’s produce will be written. The main part usually utilizes a larger size of wood and the lower parts will be in smaller sizes. The number of lower parts will vary upon your house’s specialties. You can also employ leader-board-like sizes, for example, the main or the topmost wood sign will be the biggest in size, the second topmost will be second big and so on and so forth. The length also varies depending on the length of the gateways, just the same as the single post wooden sign.

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