Advantages LED Lighted Box Signs Have Over Fluorescent Light Box Signs

Fluorescent lighted box signs are still more than just popular. They shouldn’t be if we know that this technology has been used since 1938. Of course, technology has been upgraded countless times since then, so it is time to apply it to lighted box signs. As you may know, LED lighted box signs are a newer type – LED’s were invented in the 1960’s but were not commercially viable until the 1990’s. They aren’t as popular as most people believe.  Why?  The reason is most likely that it has been easier to replace florescent lamps than to change out the entire sign.

The first thing to remember is that LED lighted box signs have many advantages compared to fluorescent box signs. Here, we will reveal the most important ones.

Much Longer Lifespan

Ordinary signs (fluorescent type) can last up to 25,000 hours. In most cases, the lifespan is even shorter. Nevertheless, they require a lot of time to install, maintain and they will need to be repaired as specific moments. LED box signs can last up to 100,000 hours.  In the worst case scenario, they will last 35,000 hours! In simple words, they are more reliable and more affordable than you may believe.

The installation is actually simpler, despite the fact some people think. During the lifespan, LEDs require less maintenance, and in most cases, LED’s can be purchased in the same size and shape as the florescent lamps that they are replacing!  The bottom line is simple. They are a much wiser investment!

Brighter, With Less Energy

Nowadays, every single way that can help us use as less energy as possible is a good way. Here, we have a huge benefit. LED box signs use way less energy, so they save money each month. In the world with many, energy-related issues, this is extremely important.

Don’t think that fluorescent tubes are more durable. They may overheat over time, so they will easily break. When that happens, hazardous elements can be released. LEDs don’t have any of these issues. They are more resistant to vibrations and pressure. Also, they don’t cause heat. The last, but not least is the fact, LEDs are much brighter. When it comes to lighted box signs, this is mandatory.

LEDs Can be Used for Special, Odd Shaped Signs

What about when you need a box sign with the extraordinary shape? Fluorescent tubes are huge, typically come in standard lengths (by the foot) and they cannot be installed in small, specific signs. The only alternative is to change the complete sign. Actually, a much better alternative is to use LEDs. They are much smaller and they can be installed in any sign design. In a matter of fact, every single type of a sign can be made with the help of LEDs.

This was one of the main purposes of the LED lighted box signs a few years ago. Nowadays, it is just one of the purposes people get.

The bottom line is very easy to explain. Fluorescent tubes and fluorescent box signs don’t have a single benefit. They are obsolete. As such, they should be replaced with something better, with something newer. Something like LED!

There are a lot of additional benefits LED box signs offer, therefore they are highly recommended and even more appreciated.

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