All About Light Box Sign Kits for Business

All companies have one thing in common:  advertising. There are a million ways to do that, but one, the oldest, the best and the most economical, is a light box sign. Luckily, there are a lot of variations and possible configurations for a lightbox sign. There are no rules, so the client’s imagination is the only limit. This also means that there are a lot of differences in the signs as well. Light box sign kits will give you the greatest “bang for your buck” as we are able to provide a high quality product without charging you for the labor to assemble it.  Lightbox sign kits have the maximum efficiency, but only if they are made properly and they offer appropriate features.  At we sell only the highest quality kits on our website for our customers.

LED illumination

Obviously, if you want your business to be seen, you need something extraordinary or at least better than your competitors. At we recommend LED light box signs. They are modern, better and they can attract more people. This is relevant, simply due to the fact, the more people see a sign, the higher success that business will have. LED signs are easy to notice.

They are also more affordable and they last longer, so they are a better investment. In the world where money has an important role, this is a useful option.

Aluminum or molded plastic construction

The next, important aspect is the construction of a box sign. There are two choices. The first one are those made from aluminum, which are the only choice for outdoor applications. The material offers a perfect balance between the strength and durability. In addition, it is also rust resistant. Signs made from aluminum are the best kind you can get and we sell only aluminum framed light box signs on our website.

Molded plastic box signs are the next best thing. They are more affordable, but they can deliver the same appearance. This kind is specifically designed to be used indoors. Another trick you can use to save money and still get the desired result.

Custom built kits

Light box sign kits can be designed and made especially for just one application. They are a much better choice than looking for those kits that are just “standard”. Choosing a custom built box sign brings a few advantages to you. First, it makes your business unique and extraordinary. A properly designed lightbox sign can make a huge difference with the advertising and attract more potential clients than you may imagine.

A custom built sign box can be further customized and adjusted according to the specific needs. As we already mentioned, there are no rules. Once your business gets an update or it becomes present in another area, changing the box sign is simple and possible. Standard types cannot be customized, they have to be replaced.  Typically the lamps within the box sign can remain in place, and the only change required is the replacement of the acrylic or polycarbonate face, or even just the replacement of the lettering or graphic on the sign face.

Today, light box sign kits aren’t something business owners should use, they are something that must be used. Compared to other advertising techniques, this one is the best and the only permanent one. Is it affordable? Yes, more than ever. Even more importantly, it is more successful than any other type of promoting a business. Now you know the importance of these signs and you know that using them has a huge potential.  The availability of LED light box sign kits at combines the professional appearance of a light box sign and the convenience and price of a DIY kit delivered directly to your store or office.

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