All About Primitive Wooden Signs

Wooden signs come in many, different designs and features. Just one of them are primitive wooden signs. In this case, word primitive doesn’t mean a sign is poor-made or it is made to be used for a shorter period of time. As a matter of fact, primitive signs stand for all models that have a simple form, but they have been made to last forever. They still have all you may need and they are priceless.

The main features of primitive wooden signs

We will start with the shape. All signs of this type have a simple shape, usually rectangular or square. The design can be chosen accordingly and it can be customized in order to fit a specific purpose the sign will have. We sell a number of primitive signs at  Some some examples of primitive signs, include our “Welcome’’ primitive wooden signs and our personalized  “family” signs of a custom family name or symbol representing your household, where the sign is displayed.

Letters and symbols are another main feature. The font is usually chosen to look vintage. Letters are usually black or white, while the background of a sign is in opposing color.

All of this creates a sign that is magnificent, simple and unique. Yes, these signs are simple to make and they look original, but they have a huge role in making a house or a business better. This is also important, simply because primitive signs have two main purposes, as we just mentioned above. They are extremely popular in the United States, especially in Texas and New York. An interesting addition is that all of them are custom made, especially to meet your requirements and your specifications. offers a number of custom options within the website or you can always contact us to make a custom request.

The history of primitive signs

All primitive signs are made from wood. This is one of the main characteristics. Their popularity was especially prevalent in the western United States, where each home and each building in a city had a sign of this type. They have been extremely popular and useful. However, in those times, they also were used as directional signs, to help travelers reach the destination, or to designate a ranch or household. Traveling without them would be impossible.

Primitive wooden signs were made from pine board, but nowadays we have those made from redwood and oak. In any single case, a sign of this kind must be thick. In the history, they were also thick, so this can be one of the characteristics as well.

The background and symbols are hand painted. There is no an alternative here! This is the part of the production process and it is one of the main features and differences. In simple words, primitive signs are custom made, according to each, specific demand.

Where you can find primitive signs

You may believe that primitive signs are rare to find, but you would be mistaken. They are more than just common, across the planet and they are usually made and used by people who want to add a rustic appearance to their home or a business. We usually can see them in coffee houses and elegant homes, but they are also popular in high-class communities.  As mentioned above primitive signs are very popular product at and you can find our common primitive signs in our wooden sign section of the website.

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