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DIY LED Light Box Sign Kits

One of our most popular products on our website are our DIY LED light box sign kits. We have had a lot of requests for additional information on our DIY light box signs so I thought that I would write a full description of what you can expect in our full DIY Lightbox sign kits, what steps are needed to put the LED sign kit together, what tools are needed , how long the kits take to be assembled, and how to hang the lightboxes on a wall or a post.

DIY Lightbox Sign - Sizes

Our DIY light box sign kits come in almost any size. It is a custom fabricated light kit that is created when you place your order. We have the most standard signs listed on our website but you can request any size and we will try to accommodate your request.

DIY Lighted Sign Box - Item List

The following items come delivered in your DIY LED sign kit:
- Aluminum Siding Frame System - Four Side (Mitered)
- 4 Heavy Duty Corner Pieces
- Set Of Removable Retainers
- Ballast
- Pre-Wired LED Lights
- Color coded wiring diagram

DIY Lighted LED Sign - Not Included

The following items do not come with your DIY light kit, but can be purchased separately from our site or can be purchased locally:
- Acrylic or polycarbonate translucent panel

DIY Light Box Sign Kits - Instructions

Please read the following instructions on how to put together your new lighted sign kit when it arrives at your door:

1. Arrange the four aluminum side pieces how you would like them to layout.
2. Begin at the upper left corner, and attach each corner piece to the adjacent side pieces. Continue clockwise until all four corners are fastened and the four sides are all attached and laying "on end".
3. After the corners are attached the next step is to attach the transformer. Find a blank spot along the frame that is within reach of the (2) leads that are coming from the LED light fixture. Fasten the transformer onto the frame with metal screws.
4. Pull the high voltage (120V) wire (black cord) from the pre-cut hole in the side of the frame and through the frame to the transformer. Fasten the (2) wire leads to the transformer with the screws on the transformer.
5. Attach the two low voltage wires from the LED light fixtures to the transformer with two included wire nuts.
6. Install the photo sensor onto the frame and wire it to the lights per the included wiring diagram.
7. Install the on/off switch onto the frame and wire it to the lights per the included wiring diagram.
8. After the wiring is completed test out the lighting, switch, and photosensor to make sure everything is working correctly.
9. Install the rear panel (either a back panel or a second translucent panel, depending on your order) to the frame, and "snap" the corner brackets onto the frame to attach the panel to the frame.
10. Install the front panel to the frame and "snap" the corner brackets onto the frame to attach the panel to the game.