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History and Importance of Each Farm Sign Type

Farm signs are something that have a great importance to farmers. These signs have been used since the 17th century and they marked the territory of a farm. The first models were huge and made from thick wood. Usually, they displayed the name of the farm, but there were some examples when these signs should send a message to the people. Nowadays, they are more popular than ever and they are better-looking than ever as well. The technology had an important role in the production, but traditionally-made farm signs are still popular.

Unique Features of Farm Signs

These signs are different than other signs. They must withstand the elements and they must last for a long period of time, with as low maintenance as possible. All farmers are busy, so it isn’t possible to maintain a farm sign frequently. As such, most of them are made from oak. This is very durable timber that can be exposed to the elements for an extremely long time and it won’t be damaged. Obviously, well-made farm signs are protected with paint or sealant, but even after being sealed, signs that are made to be installed outside should be built with treated wood to withstand the elements.

The method of installation of farm signs is very important. It may be hung with the help of hangers. But, in areas where winds are strong, this isn’t recommended. People typically use a bolt to secure farm signs in place when they are subjected to strong winds. Holes are then filled with oak plugs, so there isn’t a trace that there was a hole. Some models can be installed with wooden holders that will secure them in place. Others may be inserted to a gate or etc.

Hanging signs are less popular, but there are many situations when they are used. For example, they can be used on a farm, but on some building or facility where special tasks are done. Some farmers have cheese or milk stores, where these signs are more than just important.

Oak Fingerposts

We used oak as an example. In this case, a farm sign consists of directional posts which will show important directions around the farm. The best part is the fact you can add as many directional posts as you want. There are no limitations here.

Besides wood, these signs can be made from metal or fiberglass, but wooden farm signs are still the most appealing and they look vintage, high-end and elegant at the same time.

Additional Types

A farm sign can be made from wood, in this case, oak. But, it can be also made from other materials. You can choose between stone, fiberglass and even metal. Stone signs are the most durable, but the most expensive. They also require the longest period of time to be made and installed. Metal signs are more affordable, but they look too modern for a farm.

Fiberglass signs are completely different. They are easy to make and they are long-lasting. However, they are extremely complicated to repair, if that happens. They are present around a farm, but commonly in places where visitors won’t see them. We can even say that they are industrial-class signs. 

Different Types of Handmade Wooden Signs

Handmade wooden signs can be old, new, large, small and 100% original. However, all of them come from a few classes. In simple words, we have a few types of these signs. It is useful to know something about them and something about how to know of which type a sign is.

House Signs

This is the first and the most common type of handmade wooden signs. They are made for a house, for just one family and they are used to add the personalize, luxurious effect on the house entrance. The dimensions of a typical homemade wooden house sign are usually small or medium. They can be hung or installed on an exterior wall. For luxury and high-end homes, these signs definitely add a unique touch to your entryway and they can make each home look much better. The bottom line is that you can see signs of this kind in all parts of a city – whether it is in an urban setting or a rural setting.

Farm Signs

Farm signs are popular, especially in Mexico, Australia, and the United States. They are designed to send a message to a person who is entering a farm.  Typically you can find them at the end of a long driveway or private road heading toward the house.  They are also territorial, meaning that they may warn travelers that they are entering a private property. The dimensions are large. These signs are almost every single time installed on the entering gate of a farm, usually high above the ground.  The majority of the signs span across the road and a personal touch is added to show the farm or family symbol and name of the farm or ranch if it has one.  Keep in mind that on some farms, they can be paired with lights, flags, and sometimes security gates.

Sign Boards

Sign boards are less popular and it may be difficult to find handmade wooden signs of this kind. But, they have an important value today and they had an even more important role in the past. These signs are made only to send a message to specific people. They may warn you that you are entering a forbidden place or that you must take specific action. In addition, those that are informative (help you understand where you are) and those that are made to tell you that something is banned can be found.

Hunting Signs

You may have never heard for handmade wooden signs of this type and it is perfectly normal. They are reserved for less-developed countries, where ordinary hunters use them to display some information, usually to other hunters. For example, a sign may reveal which animals live there or that hunting them is banned. They are also used to mark the hunting ground. For hunters, these signs are extremely important.  Additionally, some private land owners utilize hunting signs to indicate whether hunting is allowed on their land or if it is discouraged or entirely illegal.

House Numbers

Usually, when it comes to house numbers, they are not custom made, nor they are made from wood. However, handmade wooden signs of this type actually exist. In almost any case, they are paired with wooden signs and they also have a role in improving the appearance of a home. Therefore, they are elegant and highly stylish. Same as conventional house signs, these are only for outdoor applications. It means that they are coated and protected from the elements. It isn’t possible to find a sign of this class that isn’t professional protected from the elements, due to the fact they come from high-range suppliers and they are usually located at the entrance of a home.  Many homemade wooden house numbers come as individual wood numbers, painted numbers on a common sign, carved numbers, or engraved wooden signs.

Attract More Customers than Ever with Outdoor Open Signs

All business owners know that in order to keep up with competition, improving their offerings and increasing the number of clients is mandatory. There are a lot of ways to do that. But, what is the most successful way to get your message across to potential clients who are driving or walking past your store? The answer is outdoor open signs.  As you can notice, outdoor open signs have been commonly used at retail locations for quite some time and they have an important role, especially today when the competition is harder than ever. In addition, they provide you two types of benefits.

To Show Potential Customers that You Are Open

An outdoor open sign is a very simple solution to show customers that your store is open. As such, these signs are more than simply important. New signs can be seen from a huge distance, thanks to new and improved LED lamps. Usually, the distance is measured in a few blocks. Try to calculate how many people your sign will reach who are walking or driving past your store each day. Each one is a potential customer, and every time they pass your location there is a change that they will notice your business. Without a sign, your number of customers and related profit is going to be seriously reduced.

Animated Flashing Outdoor Open Signs

A great improvement over common, simple outdoor open signs are flashing signs. They attract customer’s attention even more. The explanation is a bit more psychological. Humans have a complicated eyesight which has a special attention on the peripheries. This came from early ages when we had to run away from the enemies. Nowadays, you can use this to attract people’s attention. Every single person will notice your sign, simply due to the fact it is in our nature! Pair these two features for your outdoor open sign and you will actually get the ultimate advertising method.

Another important consideration is the fact this is a permanent solution. Once installed, LED outdoor open signs can last forever. They are made from aluminum or PVC and they are resistant to corrosion and the elements. LED can last up to 100.000 hours, so you can understand how long they will last.  Even when the LED lamps run out they can be easily replaced without having to recreate the whole sign.

Make Your Business More Professional

Besides just attracting the attention of the potential customers, open signs (outdoors or indoors) have another role. They make your store or a business more professional. Your facility will look better in any way and you can notice that. When you don’t use a sign, people will believe that your business is either poor or it will go out of business soon! This fact has actually been confirmed by the survey conducted in the United States.

Statistically, you can boost sales and get more than 20% of customers with one, simple sign. Of course, it should be LED and it should have a flashing effect. With these two features, it will be more than just successful in attracting a variety of people.  Try to remember that the size has an important role. In this case, bigger is better. Don’t try to save money on the dimensions, simply because this is an investment, not a waste of money. The last, but not least is the location and position of the sign. Where will you install it? Make sure it is at or above the entrance, and visible from the highest traffic path adjacent your store. 

All About Primitive Wooden Signs

Wooden signs come in many, different designs and features. Just one of them are primitive wooden signs. In this case, word primitive doesn’t mean a sign is poor-made or it is made to be used for a shorter period of time. As a matter of fact, primitive signs stand for all models that have a simple form, but they have been made to last forever. They still have all you may need and they are priceless.

The main features of primitive wooden signs

We will start with the shape. All signs of this type have a simple shape, usually rectangular or square. The design can be chosen accordingly and it can be customized in order to fit a specific purpose the sign will have. We sell a number of primitive signs at  Some some examples of primitive signs, include our “Welcome’’ primitive wooden signs and our personalized  “family” signs of a custom family name or symbol representing your household, where the sign is displayed.

Letters and symbols are another main feature. The font is usually chosen to look vintage. Letters are usually black or white, while the background of a sign is in opposing color.

All of this creates a sign that is magnificent, simple and unique. Yes, these signs are simple to make and they look original, but they have a huge role in making a house or a business better. This is also important, simply because primitive signs have two main purposes, as we just mentioned above. They are extremely popular in the United States, especially in Texas and New York. An interesting addition is that all of them are custom made, especially to meet your requirements and your specifications. offers a number of custom options within the website or you can always contact us to make a custom request.

The history of primitive signs

All primitive signs are made from wood. This is one of the main characteristics. Their popularity was especially prevalent in the western United States, where each home and each building in a city had a sign of this type. They have been extremely popular and useful. However, in those times, they also were used as directional signs, to help travelers reach the destination, or to designate a ranch or household. Traveling without them would be impossible.

Primitive wooden signs were made from pine board, but nowadays we have those made from redwood and oak. In any single case, a sign of this kind must be thick. In the history, they were also thick, so this can be one of the characteristics as well.

The background and symbols are hand painted. There is no an alternative here! This is the part of the production process and it is one of the main features and differences. In simple words, primitive signs are custom made, according to each, specific demand.

Where you can find primitive signs

You may believe that primitive signs are rare to find, but you would be mistaken. They are more than just common, across the planet and they are usually made and used by people who want to add a rustic appearance to their home or a business. We usually can see them in coffee houses and elegant homes, but they are also popular in high-class communities.  As mentioned above primitive signs are very popular product at and you can find our common primitive signs in our wooden sign section of the website.

All About Light Box Sign Kits for Business

All companies have one thing in common:  advertising. There are a million ways to do that, but one, the oldest, the best and the most economical, is a light box sign. Luckily, there are a lot of variations and possible configurations for a lightbox sign. There are no rules, so the client’s imagination is the only limit. This also means that there are a lot of differences in the signs as well. Light box sign kits will give you the greatest “bang for your buck” as we are able to provide a high quality product without charging you for the labor to assemble it.  Lightbox sign kits have the maximum efficiency, but only if they are made properly and they offer appropriate features.  At we sell only the highest quality kits on our website for our customers.

LED illumination

Obviously, if you want your business to be seen, you need something extraordinary or at least better than your competitors. At we recommend LED light box signs. They are modern, better and they can attract more people. This is relevant, simply due to the fact, the more people see a sign, the higher success that business will have. LED signs are easy to notice.

They are also more affordable and they last longer, so they are a better investment. In the world where money has an important role, this is a useful option.

Aluminum or molded plastic construction

The next, important aspect is the construction of a box sign. There are two choices. The first one are those made from aluminum, which are the only choice for outdoor applications. The material offers a perfect balance between the strength and durability. In addition, it is also rust resistant. Signs made from aluminum are the best kind you can get and we sell only aluminum framed light box signs on our website.

Molded plastic box signs are the next best thing. They are more affordable, but they can deliver the same appearance. This kind is specifically designed to be used indoors. Another trick you can use to save money and still get the desired result.

Custom built kits

Light box sign kits can be designed and made especially for just one application. They are a much better choice than looking for those kits that are just “standard”. Choosing a custom built box sign brings a few advantages to you. First, it makes your business unique and extraordinary. A properly designed lightbox sign can make a huge difference with the advertising and attract more potential clients than you may imagine.

A custom built sign box can be further customized and adjusted according to the specific needs. As we already mentioned, there are no rules. Once your business gets an update or it becomes present in another area, changing the box sign is simple and possible. Standard types cannot be customized, they have to be replaced.  Typically the lamps within the box sign can remain in place, and the only change required is the replacement of the acrylic or polycarbonate face, or even just the replacement of the lettering or graphic on the sign face.

Today, light box sign kits aren’t something business owners should use, they are something that must be used. Compared to other advertising techniques, this one is the best and the only permanent one. Is it affordable? Yes, more than ever. Even more importantly, it is more successful than any other type of promoting a business. Now you know the importance of these signs and you know that using them has a huge potential.  The availability of LED light box sign kits at combines the professional appearance of a light box sign and the convenience and price of a DIY kit delivered directly to your store or office.

All About Construction Signs: An Essential Safety Tool for Any Jobsite

Talking about the construction signs is the same as explaining why air is important. These signs are not made to be beautiful or to stand out from the crowd. They are made to be lifesavers and to inform people as soon as possible. Today, we have a huge number of these signs, and all of them are equally important. Let’s see why they are mandatory for all construction sites.

They are Required by Law

Construction signs must be used on every single construction site. If not, a construction company will be fined by OSHA. Keep in mind that they are made to alert people to some danger, such as falling items, uses of large machines, traffic lane changes, personal protective equipment requirements, etc. In general, they are lifesaving signs that have been responsible for millions of lives saved over the years. This law applies to all countries, and each country includes requirements for the signs to be made says that each sign must be especially made for that country. For example, in Arabic countries, signs must be written in the Arabic language, but they also must contain English, due to tourists, and the popularity of the English language throughout the world. The situation is the same in all countries, where English isn’t a native language. Even if there is a sign, but it isn’t written in a correct language, a fine is possible. There were some cases where the entire construction site has been suspended due to a single sign!

They Alert People that a Business Provider Isn’t Available

When under a construction, a business provider won’t be offering their services to clients.  As such, construction signs are very important in telling people that they will not be able to conduct regular business at that location, or at a minimum they will have to take special precautions or detours in order to gain access to the business.  A great recommendation is to pair a sign with another, an informative sign which will tell people where the service provider is relocated. As such, there won’t be any losses in client figures. Without these signs, clients and customers won’t know where to contact the needed service provider, which is annoying.

The Help They Offer to New Site Visitors

The construction business is well-known for a high number of workers who are there on a short basis. It means that they come, work for a short period of time and they move on. As such, there are a lot of workers who are not completely familiar with the rules and regulations on construction sites. Construction signs offer them the needed information, usually regarding the protection, the management office location, and their own safety. Let’s take the simplest example: Wearing a hardhat on all construction places is mandatory, but yet, most people won’t wear it simply because they are not aware of the potential danger.  In addition, some construction site will require special protective clothing in addition to hardhats including but not limited to safety vests, safety glasses, steel toed boots, or hearing protection.  Each construction site requires this form of precaution, and once again, it is required by law. A sign that informs all the workers is more than just important and more than just law-regulated.

At the end, we can just say that all signs of this type are something that must be used, not something what should be used. They are affordable and they can be made for a specific application. is happy to offer affordable, DIY construction site signs for sale.  By offering standard construction signs with “do it yourself” custom lettering kits, we hope to give you an affordable option to keep your construction site signage professional and abundant.

Advantages LED Lighted Box Signs Have Over Fluorescent Light Box Signs

Fluorescent lighted box signs are still more than just popular. They shouldn’t be if we know that this technology has been used since 1938. Of course, technology has been upgraded countless times since then, so it is time to apply it to lighted box signs. As you may know, LED lighted box signs are a newer type – LED’s were invented in the 1960’s but were not commercially viable until the 1990’s. They aren’t as popular as most people believe.  Why?  The reason is most likely that it has been easier to replace florescent lamps than to change out the entire sign.

The first thing to remember is that LED lighted box signs have many advantages compared to fluorescent box signs. Here, we will reveal the most important ones.

Much Longer Lifespan

Ordinary signs (fluorescent type) can last up to 25,000 hours. In most cases, the lifespan is even shorter. Nevertheless, they require a lot of time to install, maintain and they will need to be repaired as specific moments. LED box signs can last up to 100,000 hours.  In the worst case scenario, they will last 35,000 hours! In simple words, they are more reliable and more affordable than you may believe.

The installation is actually simpler, despite the fact some people think. During the lifespan, LEDs require less maintenance, and in most cases, LED’s can be purchased in the same size and shape as the florescent lamps that they are replacing!  The bottom line is simple. They are a much wiser investment!

Brighter, With Less Energy

Nowadays, every single way that can help us use as less energy as possible is a good way. Here, we have a huge benefit. LED box signs use way less energy, so they save money each month. In the world with many, energy-related issues, this is extremely important.

Don’t think that fluorescent tubes are more durable. They may overheat over time, so they will easily break. When that happens, hazardous elements can be released. LEDs don’t have any of these issues. They are more resistant to vibrations and pressure. Also, they don’t cause heat. The last, but not least is the fact, LEDs are much brighter. When it comes to lighted box signs, this is mandatory.

LEDs Can be Used for Special, Odd Shaped Signs

What about when you need a box sign with the extraordinary shape? Fluorescent tubes are huge, typically come in standard lengths (by the foot) and they cannot be installed in small, specific signs. The only alternative is to change the complete sign. Actually, a much better alternative is to use LEDs. They are much smaller and they can be installed in any sign design. In a matter of fact, every single type of a sign can be made with the help of LEDs.

This was one of the main purposes of the LED lighted box signs a few years ago. Nowadays, it is just one of the purposes people get.

The bottom line is very easy to explain. Fluorescent tubes and fluorescent box signs don’t have a single benefit. They are obsolete. As such, they should be replaced with something better, with something newer. Something like LED!

There are a lot of additional benefits LED box signs offer, therefore they are highly recommended and even more appreciated.

4 different types of wooden signs: How to make them

Wooden signs can never grow old. They are beautiful to look at and more attractive than their counterpart metal signs. Different types of wooden signs have their particular uses. Although most of them bring out an expensive feel and rustic effect, some types of wooden signs are required to be protected or coated to preserve its looks from the cruelty of weather conditions. This article will show you what are the different wooden signs, their purpose and the ways to make them.

House signs This type of wooden sign is primarily used as home decors. Usually, house signs are done in decorative ways because their sole purpose is to adorn and brighten up a home. Wood sources for wooden house signs abound. For one, you can always find a driftwood nearby. Choose the part of the driftwood where you can cut it either horizontally or vertically and gives you a wider and smoother product where you can paint writings on it. The good part of wooden house signs is that the more unique the shape of a wood the more they become attractive and special. And the more you can achieve the rustic feel of your house sign. Old pallets and scrap woods will also be good for house signs. The trick of making house signs attractive only lie on the painting, color combinations and on the lettering e.g. font type and font size. Usually, a decorative font, like brushstrokes, are used in house signs. Any kinds of paints will suffice in its painting process. House signs do not require special paints because they are not constantly exposed to a variety of environment. Paint colors depend on the house owner’s taste, though. House signs, which are usually found indoors, do not necessarily need to be coated with more expensive finishing. A simple varnish can finish the look.

Street signs Wooden street signs are usually found in an exclusive village or tourism hot spots. Why? Because they are attractive and add beauty to a place, which what tourism hot spots are about. This type of wooden sign usually requires specific shape and sizes. Street signs are made in a rectangular shape but their sizes depend on the requirement of a specific place. However, street signs in a particular place should have a uniform size. For example, if a street sign on Diamond Street in Forbes Park Village measures 2 feet in length by 6 inches in width, Golden Street also in Forbes Park Village should also measure the same. Street signs should be large in size so that people can easily view or read them from afar. Wood requirement for this type of wooden sign demands woods that are hard and long-lasting, like oak and pine trees. This is so because street signs are constantly exposed to harsh weather outdoor. Paints used in this type of wooden sign should also be long-lasting, like oil-based paints. Most often than not street signs are not coated with decorative coatings at all. Street signs
should be more natural looking so coatings are not necessary. However, when you make wooden street signs it should be established that you finish the sign with a protective coating which is long-lasting like polyurethane. This will prevent the paints in the sign to crack or peel off easily. Protective coating and decorative coating are not the same.

Nameplate wood signs This type of wood signs are usually found indoors and some are attached to the doors of people who have certain professions, like lawyers, accountants, and doctors. Same with wooden street signs, nameplates have a specific shape: rectangular. But this type of wooden sign has a smaller size than the latter. It is so because the objective of the nameplates is just to identify who is who inside the office or a building. People inside the building are not reading the nameplates of certain individuals from afar; just about a few inches away. Unlike in street signs. Nameplate wood signs usually are more formal. The types of a font used are simpler to elicit an impression of formality, prestige, and respectability. Usually, nameplate wood signs do not have artistically painted backgrounds. Just simple and natural coatings will do as well. It does not require special or hardwood since they are found indoors. Even old pallets or fences or scrap woods can be used in making nameplate wood signs. However, in lettering nameplates, the more impressive process is by the use of engraving. Engraving nameplates requires special skills to achieve a smooth and perfect look of your name and profession. But if engraving is hard for you, painted lettering will do. Usually, there is only one color used in lettering wood nameplates and that is black. However, it does not mean you cannot use other colors. For as long as the color you use is reader friendly and genteel, then it is fine. Finishing the nameplate wood sign with ordinary varnish will give your nameplate a lustrous effect. No need for protective coatings for nameplates though as they are usually found inside your office, on your table with the same environment everyday.

Commercial wood signs Commercial wood signs can be found almost everywhere where people activities abound. In the cities, markets, resorts and specialty stores, this type of wood sign is always present. The font types used in here are usually decorative, too, to attract and draw attention from their prospective customers. Paint colors are also dependent on the owners of the commercial establishments. Woods used typically are hardwoods because they are outdoor signs. Normally, the lettering is done through painting. However, the use of coatings in this type of wood sign depends solely on the theme of the store or resort where this wood sign is used. Say for example, in Texas, where the usual theme of their beer gardens is Wild West, coatings are unpopular. The trick usually lies in the letter painting and the background. Moreover, it is different at formal restaurants and stores. Varnishing of wood signs is a must to make them lustrous and more attractive, which is primarily the aim of every establishment.
But, since this type of wood signs are located outside, protective coatings are also required to make the paintings and the wood last long. Below are the different kinds of commercial wood signs you can encounter at any commercial establishments.

 Hanging commercial wood sign - This is usually found in resorts, themed restaurants and beer gardens. This kind of commercial wood signs should have large measurements. The ideal measurement is between 4 feet by 3 feet and 6 feet by 4.5 feet. But it still depends on how large your store or commercial establishment is. As its name suggests, this wood sign hangs at the entry point of a commercial area. In resorts, this can be located at the gates.

 Post commercial wood signs - This is usually can be found on commercial farms or agri-tourism establishments. Although it does not mean that only these kinds of commercial establishments can employ this kind of wood signs. In fact, it gives more extraordinary effect to a store or resort when employing post commercial wood signs. Usually, the size for wood to be used in this kind of wood sign is smaller and can be shaped in various ways, depending on the business owner's want. They are typically found at the side of the gateways of a resort or commercial farms.

Types of post signs include:

- Single post wood signs - As its name suggests, this type of post commercial wood sign uses only one post to be able to stand the sign. The length of the post varies, depending on the length of the gate where it will be planted. The ideal length of the post should be equal to the length of the gate or the entry way of a resort or commercial farm.

- Double post wood signs - This means literally employing 2 posts to make the sign stand. This type of wood sign is usually found in stand- alone restaurants, not inside malls. It can also be found the same as single post wood signs, in resorts and agri-tourism hot spots or farms. Usually, the wood size or sizes vary. You can employ three wood signs in one double post wood sign. It will include the main part, where the name of the farm or restaurant is written. The lower parts are where your restaurant’s specialties or the farm’s produce will be written. The main part usually utilizes a larger size of wood and the lower parts will be in smaller sizes. The number of lower parts will vary upon your house’s specialties. You can also employ leader-board-like sizes, for example, the main or the topmost wood sign will be the biggest in size, the second topmost will be second big and so on and so forth. The length also varies depending on the length of the gateways, just the same as the single post wooden sign.