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Why Channel Lettering Signs are so Popular Today

As you already know, there are a lot of different signs on the market. Each type is designed to be used by just one service provider. But, channel lettering signs are the most desirable ones. They are used by large companies, small business owners and even by those companies who are still in development. The real question is why they are so popular?

Direct advertisement

The main reason, why channel lettering signs are so popular and so needed is their main purpose. They are designed to send a short and direct message to a huge number of people. There is no mystery here, so each person will get a true idea what that sign represents. All other types of signs are not as direct as this kind. They may have two or three meanings. Another important fact, when it comes to advertising is that these signs are a permanent solution. They don’t require maintenance and they don’t have to be repaired. Why? They are made from metal, usually aluminum, so they are rust-free and they are coated with several protective layers. If we add large dimensions, which are common, we get the absolute advertisement!

Offer contact information

Most other signs are designed to send just one message to the people, like the name of that business or a house. Channel lettering signs have a huge advantage in this matter. They are commonly paired with a phone number or an email address, of the business provider. As such, they significantly increase the number of potential clients or customers. Other signs are simply less productive in this case.

LED available

The time when we had to use wooden or plastic signs of this kind is long gone. Nowadays, we have LED. In any single case, LED channel lettering signs are better than any other alternative. The main reason is in the number of people who will see the sign. Flashing or glowing signs can attract up to 60% more people than standard ones. The best part, they are seen during the night as well. Don’t think that they are expensive and require a lot of maintenance. They are very durable and they don’t require spare parts. The bottom line is simple; they are the best way to promote your business at all times.


If you are one of those who believes that these signs are extremely expensive, you are wrong. In a matter of fact, they are very affordable, simply because they are made with the help of machines, so the production process takes just a few hours, rather than a few days. Then we have low material costs, and we can add cheap designing costs. The bottom line is that you will get a permanent advertisement for as low amount of money as possible.

The lettering signs are a safe, affordable and successful marketing strategy. This is the simplest answer to the question from the beginning. These are the main reasons why they are so popular. 

What Personalized Wooden Signs for Home Can do for You

In the world of complexity and similarity, trying to do something that will make you be different is difficult. In some cases equal to impossible. However, there are some ways. The first and the main difference that matters is your home. Having the same home as all other in the street isn’t very appealing. So, how to make it better? Personalized wooden signs for home are the simplest, but yet the most important advantage you can get. They have several benefits, which will be mentioned below.

Improve originality

Personalized wooden signs for homes have been among us since the early ages, due to a reason. They can make your house stand out from the crowd, make it look more beautiful and extraordinary. Obviously, the sign itself is important and how well-made it is. Some people look for new gadgets and ways to help them make the house look better, but a much better effect can be achieved with signs.

Increase property value

Maybe it doesn’t sound like a well-known fact, but personalized wooden signs actually increase the value of your home. The increase cannot be mozetized, but it is more than just important. With this simple technique, you can make your home look better and be more expensive at the same time. The best part is the fact wooden signs don’t have to be very expensive. Don’t have to be, but there are some expensive models out there.


There are no two identical wooden signs out there. There are similar, but they are not the same. The main reason why is in the design and the symbols on a sign, obviously. But, another difference is in the specific aging. Each sign will age differently, according to the exposure to the elements and the location. For example, even if you have the same wooden sign as your friend, after some time they will look different!

Custom built

 Personalized wooden signs for home are always made to look as a client want them to look. Design, letters, shape and additions are something that can be chosen accordingly to the specific desires of a client. This is simply mandatory, due to the fact they must be made for just one home. This is also related to the sentimental value they have. At least for those who are affected by them. It is a well-known fact that most teenagers and younger people prefer houses with wooden signs. Maybe it sounds contradictory, but in their head, those houses are more elegant and more original. Those without signs are treated as regular homes, nothing more!

Houses with wooden signs are popular on social media as well. They are even interesting as a tourist attraction, no matter if your home is a part of tourist resort or tourists just pass by it. Most of you will like to see their house on social media, with a lot of positive comments. This is one of the main benefits wooden signs offer. It cannot be better that this.