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History and Importance of Each Farm Sign Type

Farm signs are something that have a great importance to farmers. These signs have been used since the 17th century and they marked the territory of a farm. The first models were huge and made from thick wood. Usually, they displayed the name of the farm, but there were some examples when these signs should send a message to the people. Nowadays, they are more popular than ever and they are better-looking than ever as well. The technology had an important role in the production, but traditionally-made farm signs are still popular.

Unique Features of Farm Signs

These signs are different than other signs. They must withstand the elements and they must last for a long period of time, with as low maintenance as possible. All farmers are busy, so it isn’t possible to maintain a farm sign frequently. As such, most of them are made from oak. This is very durable timber that can be exposed to the elements for an extremely long time and it won’t be damaged. Obviously, well-made farm signs are protected with paint or sealant, but even after being sealed, signs that are made to be installed outside should be built with treated wood to withstand the elements.

The method of installation of farm signs is very important. It may be hung with the help of hangers. But, in areas where winds are strong, this isn’t recommended. People typically use a bolt to secure farm signs in place when they are subjected to strong winds. Holes are then filled with oak plugs, so there isn’t a trace that there was a hole. Some models can be installed with wooden holders that will secure them in place. Others may be inserted to a gate or etc.

Hanging signs are less popular, but there are many situations when they are used. For example, they can be used on a farm, but on some building or facility where special tasks are done. Some farmers have cheese or milk stores, where these signs are more than just important.

Oak Fingerposts

We used oak as an example. In this case, a farm sign consists of directional posts which will show important directions around the farm. The best part is the fact you can add as many directional posts as you want. There are no limitations here.

Besides wood, these signs can be made from metal or fiberglass, but wooden farm signs are still the most appealing and they look vintage, high-end and elegant at the same time.

Additional Types

A farm sign can be made from wood, in this case, oak. But, it can be also made from other materials. You can choose between stone, fiberglass and even metal. Stone signs are the most durable, but the most expensive. They also require the longest period of time to be made and installed. Metal signs are more affordable, but they look too modern for a farm.

Fiberglass signs are completely different. They are easy to make and they are long-lasting. However, they are extremely complicated to repair, if that happens. They are present around a farm, but commonly in places where visitors won’t see them. We can even say that they are industrial-class signs. 

Different Types of Handmade Wooden Signs

Handmade wooden signs can be old, new, large, small and 100% original. However, all of them come from a few classes. In simple words, we have a few types of these signs. It is useful to know something about them and something about how to know of which type a sign is.

House Signs

This is the first and the most common type of handmade wooden signs. They are made for a house, for just one family and they are used to add the personalize, luxurious effect on the house entrance. The dimensions of a typical homemade wooden house sign are usually small or medium. They can be hung or installed on an exterior wall. For luxury and high-end homes, these signs definitely add a unique touch to your entryway and they can make each home look much better. The bottom line is that you can see signs of this kind in all parts of a city – whether it is in an urban setting or a rural setting.

Farm Signs

Farm signs are popular, especially in Mexico, Australia, and the United States. They are designed to send a message to a person who is entering a farm.  Typically you can find them at the end of a long driveway or private road heading toward the house.  They are also territorial, meaning that they may warn travelers that they are entering a private property. The dimensions are large. These signs are almost every single time installed on the entering gate of a farm, usually high above the ground.  The majority of the signs span across the road and a personal touch is added to show the farm or family symbol and name of the farm or ranch if it has one.  Keep in mind that on some farms, they can be paired with lights, flags, and sometimes security gates.

Sign Boards

Sign boards are less popular and it may be difficult to find handmade wooden signs of this kind. But, they have an important value today and they had an even more important role in the past. These signs are made only to send a message to specific people. They may warn you that you are entering a forbidden place or that you must take specific action. In addition, those that are informative (help you understand where you are) and those that are made to tell you that something is banned can be found.

Hunting Signs

You may have never heard for handmade wooden signs of this type and it is perfectly normal. They are reserved for less-developed countries, where ordinary hunters use them to display some information, usually to other hunters. For example, a sign may reveal which animals live there or that hunting them is banned. They are also used to mark the hunting ground. For hunters, these signs are extremely important.  Additionally, some private land owners utilize hunting signs to indicate whether hunting is allowed on their land or if it is discouraged or entirely illegal.

House Numbers

Usually, when it comes to house numbers, they are not custom made, nor they are made from wood. However, handmade wooden signs of this type actually exist. In almost any case, they are paired with wooden signs and they also have a role in improving the appearance of a home. Therefore, they are elegant and highly stylish. Same as conventional house signs, these are only for outdoor applications. It means that they are coated and protected from the elements. It isn’t possible to find a sign of this class that isn’t professional protected from the elements, due to the fact they come from high-range suppliers and they are usually located at the entrance of a home.  Many homemade wooden house numbers come as individual wood numbers, painted numbers on a common sign, carved numbers, or engraved wooden signs.